Our founder’s story

Our founder’s story

My name is Michal Takac and life as I knew it was forever changed following a debilitating accident. At the time I was working as an operator at a printing factory and my hand was crushed in an industrial printing press. I lost three fingers and had to undergo reconstructive surgery. 

Unfortunately, the trauma was so substantial it left me in constant, excruciating pain. Like every other patient suffering with a chronic pain condition, doctors repeatedly prescribed strong medication, creams and ointments – none of which provided enough relief. 

Unable to work, I was determined to get my life back on track and so I set out to find alternative solutions. It was during this search that I discovered the remarkable healing powers of cannabidiol (CBD): a natural, legal and non-psychotropic compound found within the cannabis hemp plant.

I started frequently applying a hemp CBD ointment to my wounds and watched them heal rapidly. The positive effects were incredible: inflammation subsided, pain was reduced and scar tissue began to heal. It improved my life so immensely that I vowed I would help bring it to others. As a result, CBVIT™ was born.

We have been producing the highest-quality hemp products ever since and are committed to becoming a leader in the CBD health and beauty hemisphere.