By PhytoPūr Bio

By PhytoPūr Bio

CBVIT™ ensures that only the best quality materials are used in products, so in order to guarantee our final products are of the highest quality available on the market it is  essential that our production facilities standards and controls are also maintained at the highest level possible.

Our team of scientists have been engaged in the production and development of organic cosmetics, medical devices, veterinary products and food supplements for over 20 years and the manufacture of hemp organic since 2008. They now operate from our brand new state of the art manufacturing facility located in the heart of the Czechia Mountains which opened in 2019.

All our products are manufactured under an integrated quality management system according to the following standards: ISO 9001 - Quality management, ISO 22716 Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ISO 13485 - Medical devices, ISO 14001 - Environmental Management and HACCP - a systematic preventive approach to food safety.

CBVIT White Label Product

As well as providing the highest quality facilities for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals (GMP), the facility has high volume production capacity with full automatisation, new development and analytical laboratories, top quality facility management systems, advanced controlled warehouses, and powerful, accurate order planning and management software all of which enable fast response to our customer's requirements.

One of our fundamental values is to create a sustainable environment for future generations so as you would expect our production facilities where possible, are energy self-sufficient and use water from our own well, drawing water known for its purity and quality from the heart of the mountains.

All our packaging is made from recyclable materials and we are committed to continue striving to reducing our carbon footprint.