Hemp Oil Benefits for Hair

Caring for our hair can get quite complicated and there never seems to be a straightforward answer available to give you beautiful, soft, smooth hair. We know that washing too often can cause damage to hair by stripping it of its natural oils, too much heat will dry out the hair and cause breakage, and that using the wrong products can upset the scalp or make the hair oily. It can be a real minefield, but it doesn’t need to be! Once you find something that works for your hair and you can understand what it needs then you may just fall in love with your hair again! 

There are many benefits that people have found from using hemp oil, or CBD oil. It contains many fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients which can be rather beneficial to different parts of the body. Hemp oil is becoming increasingly popular around the world, including users incorporating it into their haircare routines. It’s important to note the difference between hemp oil, hemp seed oil and CBD oil although they sound similar and are derived from similar sources, they are actually different things. Hemp seed oil is simply made from pressed hemp seeds, and is high in fatty acids, whereas hemp oil or CBD oil contains concentrates of cannabinoids like CBD. Both are promoted to be potentially beneficial for your scalp and your hair, but make sure you check the labels to know which product you’re actually using. 

Adding Moisture 

adding moisture to the hair

One of the most common problems people have with their hair is dryness. When our hair becomes dry it can look dull and straw-like, rather than healthy, shining and full of life. Unfortunately, there are many factors that might encourage dry and brittle hair, the obvious being heat styling tools, and not using heat protection products, such as sprays or serums. Other contributing factors can be simply lying in the sun for too long, swimming pools(due to the chlorine stripping the hair of its natural oils), poor nutrition and washing your hair too often. 

Hemp oil can be used to help add moisture back into the hair. Hemp and CBD oils contain moisturising properties that can aid in preventing water loss by absorbing into the hair follicles. As it’s easily absorbed, hemp oil also doesn’t leave hair weighed down or leave a residue. Hemp oil and CBD oil also contain certain fats known as lipids, which help to improve the condition of the hair by adding moisture and shine to your hair shaft and strengthening weak and brittle strands, thus giving the hair more volume and life. If used regularly, the moisturising factors of hemp oil and CBD oil can have longer-term effects on the hair.

Breakage Prevention

repairing split ends

With a regular haircare routine and without an unlimited budget, split ends and hair breakage can be hard to fight back against. It can seem that anything and everything can cause split ends; lack of moisture, too much heat styling, not having regular haircuts, chemical exposure, an unbalanced diet, the list goes on! There isn’t a miracle cure to stop hair from breaking, but there are ways to manage breakage without spending hundreds of pounds or cutting your hair every two weeks. 

Research which was published by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry validated the use of hemp oil hair products for improved wellness of the hair. By activating the hair’s natural defence barrier, hemp oil can help to strengthen and maintain the natural texture of the hair when used regularly. By using hemp oil on your hair, you are feeding your hair the fatty acids, proteins and gamma-linoleic acid, found in the oil, which will nourish and strengthen the hair shaft. By helping your hair become healthier and stronger, you can prevent that pesky breakage and those infuriating split ends!

The Scalp

healthy scalp

Without a healthy scalp, it’s impossible to have healthy hair. You need to make sure enough moisture is added and maintained to the scalp to give you the hair of your dreams. A good analogy which highlights the importance of scalp health is thinking about it as the soil in a plant pot. Without good nutrients being fed from the soil, a plant struggles to grow and the same applies for your head. Hemp oil can help to achieve long-term hydration if used frequently, by absorbing water that lingers on your scalp and hair follicles. You can tell whether or not a scalp is healthy if it’s clean with clear pores, has follicles intact and has good blood flow, all of which in turn improves the condition of the hair. 

Dandruff can be caused by a number of skin issues, including dermatitis, eczema, or fungal infections. There isn’t any direct research on CBD oil for these conditions currently, but studies do support that using CBD for inflammatory skin conditions can strengthen the skin and help to build resilience against infections, all of which helps to promote a healthy scalp. 

How To Use Hemp Oil

hemp oil hair

A good place to start is by swapping your regular shampoo with a nourishing hemp shampoo, our Active Hemp Shampoo, which cleanses and rejuvenates hair of all types. The organic hemp oil extracts protect and enhance the natural hydration levels in your hair, injecting noticeable shine and fuller body. Our shampoo contains 10mg CBD with no prohibited psychotropic cannabinoids (THC), so there is no chance of getting high by using our products, and ensures they are fully legal. 

Start using hemp shampoo by applying on wet hair and massaging it in gently, leaving it for a few minutes so it can get to work locking in moisture to your hair. Make sure when rinsing to rinse thoroughly, and then follow up by applying a good amount of conditioner (a squirt around the size of a 50p is a good place to start). Conditioning your hair is really important for keeping the ends and preventing breakage. 

At CBVIT we offer specialist products, including a wide range of skincare and other supplements which contain active compounds such as CBD, CBDV, CGB, CBC, CBD-C4, and more. We use the highest products with the finest grade organic natural hemp at the heart of all our products, and use only organically farmed hemp to produce our range. You can find more products here to see how CBD can benefit your hair.